Essex-Windsor Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is currently devising a 10-year master plan to help support the improved delivery of emergency services. Thank you for providing your input that will help us to better serve the residents of Windsor-Essex.

As far as you are aware, in which order does Essex-Windsor EMS currently respond to patients?
Does calling for an ambulance allow you to bypass the line at the emergency department (ED) and be seen by a doctor faster?
As far as you are aware, when an ambulance arrives on scene to attend to a patient, paramedics usually:
Have you ever heard of the following Essex-Windsor EMS campaigns, initiatives or programs?
Vulnerable Patient Navigators (VPNs)
Know Your 911
Essex-Windsor EMS Safety Room at the Safety Village
Survivor Day
Cool Aid
On a scale of 1 (very unimportant) to 5 (very important) how would you rate Essex-Windsor EMS participating in the following?
Have you used Essex-Windsor EMS services for yourself or on behalf of another person?
Is English your primary language spoken?