By-Law Number 2480 is a Corporation of The County of Essex By-law to regulate the location of buildings and structures on land adjacent to County Roads.

Authority is granted pursuant to the Public Transportation and Highway Improvement Act, R .S. O. 1980, Chapter 419, to regulate the locations of buildings and structures on land adjacent to roads under the jurisdiction of the County of Essex

A Building and Setback Permit must be issued prior to the construction of a new building or an addition to an existing building that is located on land adjacent to a County Road. Information including location of the proposed structure and a description of the existing or proposed access and existing roadside drainage system will be required.

Once a completed online application has been received by the County of Essex the following actions will be initiated:

  1. The County of Essex will review the application with attached Site Plan and respond via e mail indicating the required Fees and Deposits
  2. The applicant will provide the required Fees and Deposits by entering their credit card information
  3. The County of Essex will then generate a Building & Structure Setback Permit and forward copies to the applicant as well as to the local municipality’s building department.
  4. Once the building foundation has been installed, the applicant will contact the County of Essex, Transportation Services Department to request a site inspection in order to verify compliance to the minimum setback.
  5. Provided the minimum setback requirement has been met, the County of Essex will refund the Deposit to the applicant’s credit card.