A Superload Moving permit is required for anyone wishing to operate or transport oversized vehicles, loads and otherwise non-conforming vehicle configurations on County of Essex roadways, which fall outside the prescribed limits of the Highway Traffic Act R.S.O. 1990 and subsidiary regulations.  A Superload Moving permit is required to ensure the safe transportation of these vehicles while protecting the interests and safety of the public as well as the County’s roadways and infrastructure.  Anyone wishing to operate or transport oversized or overweight vehicles and loads on County of Essex owned roadways requires a permit issued from the County of Essex, Transportation Services Department.

Any loads that are in excess of 120,000kg (264,000lbs), gross vehicle weight, and/or 6 meters in width, and/or 45.75 metres in length, are considered to be Super Loads.

Superload Moving permits require the identification of a specific route as well as the product being moved prior to approval from the County of Essex permit office.

No travel is allowed when road conditions, weather conditions, or visibility make traveling hazardous to the operator or to the driving public.  Conditions shall be deemed to be hazardous upon any accumulation of ice or snow on the roadway or if the continuous use of windshield wipers is required.  Vehicles that are underway when inclement weather occurs shall exit the road at the first available location and park in a safe place until the weather and road conditions clear.

During a reduced load period, no commercial motor vehicle or trailer, other than a public vehicle or a vehicle referred to in subsection 2.2 shall be operated or drawn upon any designated highway where the weight upon axle exceeds 5,000 kilograms (5 metric tonnes).

Conditions contained on all permits must be strictly adhered to.  This permit may be terminated for breach of any condition and the permit holder may be subject to prosecution.


  • $500 - Flat fee